Dolphin Show Dubai Rules

Booking Rules of Dolphin Show Dubai

  1. The Dubai Dolphinarium reserves all rights to negate any refund or rescheduling in case the visitors do not arrive on time. If the visitors need to reschedule, the management needs to be informed at least 24 hours before the booked slot.
  2. The visitors are requested to arrive at the venue at least 45 minutes before the booked time slot.
  3. All sessions are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Dolphin Planet reserves every right to cancel or reschedule sessions as per necessity, without prior notice.
  4. Pregnant and menstruating guests are not allowed in the pools for safety and hygiene reasons.
  5. The maximum weight limit for Deep Water experiences is 110 kg. 
  6. A maximum of 4 people can be accommodated in each session. This applies to private and non-private bookings. Only 2 companions can watch the session from designated areas for free.
  7. Visitors can avail of 1 photo printout as per the package. Other photos need to be collected from the photo studio separately at an extra cost.
  8. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  9. Confident child swimmers above 8 years of age are allowed in Deep Water pools.
  10. People with serious medical conditions are encouraged to contact the hotline before booking. The trainer reserves the right to cancel their session without a refund if they fail to produce a certificate for the same.

On-day Dolphin Show Dubai Rules

  1. There are showers and changing rooms available for the visitors and can avail of a wetsuit from the venue if they are not carrying their own.
  2. Each guest needs to sign a Liability Waiver. Adults must sign on behalf of children under 11 years who are attending the session. Refusal to do so will result in the cancellation of the booking without a refund.
  3. The session will take place for 20 minutes. Cameras and phones are not allowed in the pool. However, the venue provides photography services at a cost.
  4. The visitors will receive a safety briefing and orientation from the trainers. Failing to follow those will result in the cancellation of the session.
  5. Visitors can upgrade from shallow to deep water experiences. However, downgrading is not available. The tickets are not refundable in any circumstances.

Vicinity Rules

  1. The entire vicinity is under CCTV Surveillance and the management of this destination can ask visitors who violate the rules and conditions to vacate the premises.
  2. Dubai Dolphinarium will not hold any responsibility for the lost items of the visitors, or any of their personal belongings.
  3. Reselling, refunding or exchanging of Dubai Dolphinarium tickets is not allowed as per Dolphin Show Dubai Rules.
  4. Carrying harmful or hazardous items is not allowed on the premises. In case such items are found, they will be confiscated immediately.
  5. Smoking and vaping are allowed only in assigned places. Carriage and consumption of intoxicants inside the premises is strictly prohibited.
  6. Visitors are requested to maintain a decent decorum on the premises to ensure comfort for all. 
  7. Usage of offensive language, derogatory and vulgar gestures, threatening and abusive behaviour is strictly discouraged.
  8. Visitors are requested to wear decent garments to maintain decency. Any form of disrespectful clothing can result in one vacating the premises.
  9. Minors should always be under parental supervision. Their guardians will be accountable for their behaviour and actions.

FAQ's About Dolphin Show Dubai Rules

Is there an age limit for visitors to the Dolphin Show in Dubai?

There is no specific age limit for visitors to the Dolphin Show in Dubai. However, children under the age of two are not allowed to attend the show, as the loud noises and bright lights may be overwhelming for them. Additionally, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What are the restrictions for taking photographs during the Dolphin Show?

Visitors are allowed to take photographs during the Dolphin Show, but they must not use flash photography, as it can harm the dolphins. Additionally, visitors must not use tripods or other equipment that may obstruct the view of other visitors.

Is there a dress code for the Dolphin Show in Dubai?

There is no specific dress code for the Dolphin Show in Dubai, but visitors are advised to dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes as visitors may need to walk around the venue.

Are food and drinks allowed inside the Dolphin Show venue?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the Dolphin Show venue. However, there are food and beverage outlets available inside the venue where visitors can purchase refreshments.

Can visitors bring their own food and drinks to the Dolphin Show in Dubai?

No, visitors are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks to the Dolphin Show in Dubai. The Dolphinarium has a variety of food and beverage options available for purchase inside the venue, including a restaurant, snack bar, and coffee shop. These facilities offer a range of options, from sandwiches and burgers to salads and desserts, as well as hot and cold drinks. Visitors can also enjoy a meal with a view at the restaurant, which overlooks the dolphin pool. Bringing outside food and drinks is strictly prohibited to maintain cleanliness, hygiene and safety standards. Visitors are advised to check the venue's website or contact the customer service team for more information about the available dining options and prices.

Is smoking allowed inside the Dolphin Show venue?

No, smoking is not allowed inside the Dolphin Show venue in Dubai. Like many public places in the UAE, the Dubai Dolphinarium is a non-smoking facility to ensure the safety and comfort of all visitors. This includes the indoor areas, as well as the outdoor seating area. Visitors who wish to smoke will need to leave the venue and smoke in designated smoking areas outside.

Are strollers allowed inside the Dolphin Show venue?

Strollers are allowed inside the Dolphin Show Dubai venue, but visitors are advised to leave them at the designated stroller parking areas. It is also recommended to use a baby carrier instead of a stroller during the show to avoid blocking the view of other visitors.


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